Storage and Preservation Conditions Used for Animal Origin Food Products (Pork Meat)

G. Şteţca, C. Man, D. Ţibulcă, Mirela Jimboreanu
The identification of biochemical indices of proteic degradation in order to establish their limit values for different freshness degrees was the aim of our paper. The total nitrogen, ammine nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, the value of the proteolysis indices (N-NH2 .100/total N and N-NH3 .100/total N) and amino acids content were studied and analyzed in correlation with the organoleptic alteration, function of storage duration, intensity of the proteolytic alteration preservation processes of meat. The study performed on pork meat emphasized values of 2.70% for the total nitrogen after 8 days of keeping at 0°C…4°C, total nitrogen 2.70%, ammine nitrogen 170 mg %, ammonia nitrogen increases up to 35.2 mg %, ad total amino acids content was between 75 - 80 mg %.
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