Simultaneous Determination of Mycotoxins (Ochratoxin A and Deoxynivalenol) in Biological Samples

A. Căpriţă, Rodica Căpriţă, C. Cozmiuc, Bianca Maranescu, H. Sărăndan
Approximately (about) 300 to 400 substances are recognized as mycotoxins, comprising a broad variety of chemical structures produced by various mould species on many agricultural commodities and processed food and feed. Various mycotoxins may occur simultaneously, depending on environmental and substrate conditions, so that humans and animals are exposed to mixtures rather than to individual compounds. The aim of this study was to develop a simple method for simultaneous determination of OTA and DON in biological samples. A very important part of the method is the extraction, the clean-up procedure and the preconcentration.
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