Selective Biosensorial Assay in Lactic Souring Wines Disease Prevention

Neli Darie, Claudia Felicia Ognean, M. Ognean, Adriana Gafita, O.S. Petrenciu
D-lactic acid resulted in case of an accidental stopping of the alcoholic fermentation process, by all sugars converting, changes the wines taste and the wines become sweet and sour. Adding yeasts it can prevent the white and red wines disease lactic souring. The technological parameter D-lactic acid was comparatively measured spectrophotometrically and successfully performed by a selective D-lactic acid biosensor, suitable for oenological applications. There were obtained significant performant functional features of the conceived biosensor (185 sec. as response time, 0.001 mM as detection threshold, 37 days as life time and a good sensibility) in order to detect and prevent earlier the beginning of the wine disease.
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