Researches Regarding the Improvement of Bread Quality Using Functional Ingredients

Constanta Modoran, Sevastita Muste, D. Modoran, Adela Frigioiu, Ancuta Mihaela Rotar, Oana Anita Morar
The concept ‘healthy foods’ has appeared, as synonymous to ‘functional foods’. A certain food can become functional by adding functional ingredients or by replacing some of its elements by some other functional ones. Therefore, white flour which is obtained by removing the natural elements of the wheat grain that are to be found in the shell and in the aleuronic coat can become functional by adding fibers. (soy fibers, barley fibers, rice husk etc.). The ingredients that provide for the functional nature of foods are called ‘functional ingredients’. Baking industry is currently seeking to expand its products range, to create new products to appeal to sensitive needs, but also to constitute a way of maintaining and improving people’s general health.
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