Researches Regarding Inorganic Accelerators Using in Pomace Fermenting Process

Lăcrămioara Istrati, Domnica Ciobanu, Maria Harja, Daniela Ionaşcu
The grape pomace represents one of by-products from wine technological process with multiples valorization possibilities. One of these directions is represented by ethylic alcohol obtaining. This paper presents researches regarding inorganic accelerators using in grape pomace fermenting process. Anaerobic digestion process inside carbohydrates biodegradation from grape pomace may be augmented with (NH4)3PO4 as process accelerator. The obtaining results lead to the following conclusions: supplying with 2.0-2.5 % (NH4)3PO4, 98% concentration, has lead reducing of biodegradation time with 32%; in the end of the process, the residual composition of the grape pomace is the following: 1.07-1.44% N, 1.0-1.83% P2O5, 0.65-0.88% K2O, 6.02-8.9% CaCO3, pH of aqueous extract is 6-6.9 and C/N proportion is 17.8-18.2.
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