Research Concerning The Action of some Enzymatic Preparations on Polysaccharides from Wheat Grain

Ana Leahu, M. Avramiuc
In order to get a sugar base suitable for fermentation, this paper evaluates the hydrolytic process of polysaccharides from wheat grain, using a complex of amylolytic and cellulolytic enzymes. The enzymatic hydrolysis of the wheat starch require, on the one hand, the liquefaction - dextrinisation of the starch with thermo-stable α-amylase, in order to render soluble the starch macromolecules and, on the other hand, the saccharification of those molecules by means of the amyloglucosidase and an enzymes mixture of amiloglucosidase with cellulase. As a result of hydrolytic process, the highest level of glucose was obtained through a certain enzymatic combined treatment.
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