Obtaining Low Calories Dessert - Jelly Type

Claudia Felicia Ognean, Neli Darie, V. Jâşcanu, Andràs Győngyi, M. Târziu, M. Ognean
We tried to find a way to allow overweight people to eat sweets without guilty feelings. Also we searched for pleasant mouth feeling, very good looking appearance and high acceptability. We found that there is possibility to obtain very low calorie jelly type desserts. These products satisfies craving for sweets because they can be as sweet as someone might expect. No calorie sweetener allows us to keep the same low caloric value no matter how sweet is the outcome product. Some of them because of theirs cooling, refreshing and Icy-hot effects are very good alternatives on summer’s hottest day. Beside of these, some of our products have the therapeutical properties of essential oils. All the samples were sensorial evaluated. We also calculate the caloric value.
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