Membrane Techniques Used for the Assessment of the Microbiological Safety and Quality of the Food Products

Mihaela Begea, I. Stroia, Mariana Vlădescu, P. Begea
In the case of food industry it is appropriate to set microbiological criteria defining the acceptability of the processes, and also food safety microbiological criteria setting a limit above which a foodstuff should be considered unacceptably contaminated with the micro-organisms for which the criteria are set. Membrane filtration techniques are mainly used to analyze from the microbiological point of view, the food drinks, here including water, wine, beer, soft drinks, and mineral water. The nutritive disks are always used associated with membrane filters and membrane techniques. These are designated especially to perform specific analysis for one particular micro-organism or a group of micro-organisms or for a specific substrate such as water, wine, beer. The present paper presents the results for tests performed in order to assess the microbiological safety and quality of several Romanian food drinks – mineral water, wine and beer.
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