Enzyme Preparation in Secondary Fermentation and Maturation Process in Brewing Industry

Felicia Stoica, Camelia Muntean, L. Giurgiulescu, A. Buică, Andreea Moreanu, Denisa Popa
For a better quality it must continues the fermentation of fermentated sugar, synthesis of a new secondary compounds increase the superior alcohols and ester contents. It must be assurance the CO2 saturation and totally increase of oxygen content. And finally, the limpidity and brightness must be characterized of finite produce. In this purpose, the young beer is subdued at the secondary fermentation and maturation process. The reducing at the diacetil and acetoina is the limitative phase in beer maturation. The taste defect which is produce by diacetil and acetoina constitute a big problem for the all making brewer.
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