Aqueous Synthetic Chemistry of Vanadium(V) with Citrate

Catherine Gabriel, A. Salifoglou
Vanadiums involvement in biological processes entails deep knowledge of its bioavailability and consequently its soluble forms present in aqueous distributions with physiological ligands of variable size and mode of coordination. In a specific manner, V2O5, citric acid guanidinium and H2O2 reacted, at pH 5.5, with sodium hydroxide and afforded a red crystalline product upon addition of ethanol at 4oC. Elemental analysis pointed to the molecular formation [V2O2(O2)2(C6H5O7)2][guanidiniumH]4.6H2O (1). Complex 1 was further characterized by FT-IR, UV/Visible spectroscopy and X-Ray crystallography.
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