The Malolactic Fermentation Conduction on Red Wines, Using Starter Cultures of Malolactic Bacteria

I. Popescu-Mitroi, M. Gheorghita
The first selected lactic bacteria appeared at the beginning of the ‘90’s and needed an intense stage of reactivation and acclimation, in the wine in which they followed to “work”. The adaptability problem of bacteria to the environment appears to be outdated today, by inventing some bacterial concoctions with direct inoculation, which doesn’t need reactivation and who proves to be efficient for most of the wines. The wine composition the alcoholic concentration in SO2, total acidity, pH), temperature, the modality of preparation and use of the starter cultures, as well as the moment of inoculation, can influence the vitality and the malolactic activity of the lactic bacteria. This paper proposes to verify the efficiency of a commercial concoction of malolactic bacteria, to induce and develop the spontaneous malolactic fermentation, assessing with success in modern wine preparation.
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