The Influence of the Maturity Stage of Grapes on their Basic Composition and the Wines Obtained

Alina Băcanu, M. Gheorghiţă
Is know the fact that the wines obtained from the grapes of the same variety to harvest in high degree of over-ripeness are better than the ones obtained from early picked grapes, regarding the alcohol and the other constituents. Is also known the fact that the qualitative level of the wines obtained through late harvested is realized by the loss of one part from the winegrowing production. In this paper are presented the results of rigorous conceived and applied experiments concerning the quality levels of wines obtained from picked grapes in different maturity phenophases, in report with complete maturity and phenolic maturity for some varieties with black grapes. Is been followed the relation among the size of the production losses at harvests derived from over-ripeness and the efficiencies of wines quality, expressed through reports among: alcohol and glycerol, alcohol and acidity, unreduced extract and ash, yellow and red pigments and so on.
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