The Establishing the Quality of Red Wines on the Basis of Chromatic Characteristics

Mariana-Atena Poiană, Diana Moigrădean, I. Gergen, Monica Hărmănescu
In this paper it was determined the chromatic properties, monomeric anthocyanins amounts, and total polyphenols content from some red wines processing from black grapes variety Cabernet Sauvignon in different vineyards from Romania. This study presents a methodology for these characteristics analysis but and the influence of origin place about chromatic properties of red wines that contribute to the wines authenticity. Chromatic properties will be determined through high performance spectrophotometer analysis with a Analytic Jena Specord 205. It was used the standardized methods and Glories method. For polyphenols determination (expressed such as mg/l acid gallic) will be use the spectrophotometer method with the reactive Folin-Ciocalteu. The total monomeric anthocyanins will be determined by differential pH method. On the basis of these correlations we can be establishing the red wines quality and authenticity depending on the origin place.
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