The Biotechnological Possibilities of Improving the Phenolic Composition and Extractivity of Great Burgund Wines

Rodica Petrescu, M. Gheorghiţă
The varieties with black grapes, selected from Pinot noir entered into the assortments of some Romanian vineyards after the reconstruction of viticulture patrimony, after the phylloxera disaster. The variety can be found in present also in the Dragasani vineyard. It is characterized through relative high productions, coming up to 10 – 12 t/ha. In some years, the quality parameters of wines obtained in classic mode don’t satisfy the actual pretensions. Among these you can count phenolic compounds and extract, essential components for red wines. These can be substantial improved through the realization of the fermentation process under activity selected yeasts and pectolitic enzymes in relation with the periods and the temperatures of maceration, justify chosen.
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