Risks Assessment in Romanian Food Safety Systems: Opportunities and Constrains

Nicoleta Sava, Daniela Borda, Gabriela Rotaru
The major purpose of the products made in Romania is to penetrate the European market. At this time, the entire Romanian Industry now finds itself under pressure in order to cope with the European competition and manage efficiently the risk management and safety from farm to fork. Foods can be potentially contaminated with various pathogens. End-product testing is time consuming, expensive, and often ineffective in ensuring the appropriate level of protection. Risk Assessment is a technique used to improve the microbiological safety of foods. The major purpose of the technique is to promote the responsibility for public health protection. Food industry can use the concept of food safety objectives to estimate the risk that includes an expression of the level of a hazard in food that is acceptable in relation to an appropriate level of consumer’s protection. This paper emphasizes some opportunities and constrains in establishing food safety objectives in Romanian Food Safety Systems.
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