Researches Concerning Microbiological Evolution of Lactic Acid Bacteria to Yoghurt Storage during Shelf-Life

Mihaela- Ancuţa Rotar, Cristina Semeniuc, S. Apostu, Ramona Suharoschi, Crina Mureşan, Constanţa Modoran, C. Laslo, Camelia Guş, Monica Culea.
Lactic acid bacteria evolution (Lactobacilus delbrueckii ssp bulgaricus and Streptococcus termophilus) was followed in tree stages of storage: in first day of storage after processing; in the middle of storage during shelf-life; in the last day of storage during shelf-life. An important decrease of lactic acid bacteria was observed to storage during shelf-life. This indicates a low stability of starter culture, viable germs being inhibited by other micro-organisms development (first Enterobacteriaceae then yeast and molds).
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