Progressive Loss of Hippocampal Cells by Exposure to Al(III) Compounds. Emphasis on Alzheimer Disease

Christiane Nday, Alison J. Drysdale, Bettina Platt, Α. Salifoglou
The last decades, aluminium (Al) has been linked with a numerous of human pathological disorders especially with the onset of neurological diseases as Alzheimer (Crapper, 1976), microcytic anaemia (Kerr, 1988), Pick. Until today, the potential (neuro)toxicity of aluminum (Al) and its correlation with the Alzheimer Disease aetiopathology (Fasma, 1994; Vyas, 1995; Clauberg, 1993) has been under debate. In an effort to comprehend the role of that metal ion in disease, we investigated the potential biological activity of well-characterized Al(III) forms in neuronal and glial cellular environment. The undertaken effort constitutes a challenge, because of the neurotoxic potential of the metal and the epidemiological evidence linking aluminum to Alzheimer Disease.
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