Novac and Negru de Dragasani Varieties for Red Wines with Remarkable Technological Potential

C. Nicolaescu, M. Gheorghiţă
Novac and Negru de Dragasani varieties created at SCVV Dragasani, Valcea county are in measure to enter in competition with any another variety for red wines, concerning the composition parameters, but with productions that have superior levels regarding Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot noir and even Merlot. Cultivated in the southern half of the Dragasani vineyard, in the area wandered by the stream Dalga, Mamu and Beica and of by the river Oltet, the Novac and Negru de Dragasani varieties show a productive and qualitative potential of high oenological level. This potential is expressed through productions, which can exceed constantly 10 t/ha, through relative contents in glucides, acidity, anthocyans ant total polyphenols. These characteristics of grapes are reflected extremely positive in the characteristics of composition and the organoleptic properties of wines. The two varieties complete, happily, the indigene assortment for red wines, much more solicited on the meridians of the world. In the same time is successfully accomplished the condition enforced by UE concerning the wines promotion from national, indigene varieties.
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