HPLC Assessment of Carotenoids Stability during Lactic Acid Fermentation of Zucchini

E. Muntean
The effects of lactic acid fermentation on carotenoids from fruits of Cucurbita pepo L. var.giromontina are assessed using high performance liquid chromatography. As a consequence of exposure to an acidic pH, a differential degradation of carotenoids occurred. The most unstable carotenoid proved to be violaxanthin, but high percentages of degradation were recorded also for neoxanthin, lactucaxanthin, lutein and β-carotene – which proved to be the most stable carotenoid. As provitamin A activity of the studied matrix is mainly due to β-carotene, the degradation of this carotenoid was followed by a similar loss of provitamin A activity, which decreased from 53.32 µg RE/ g dry weight to 43.40 µg RE/ g dry weight.
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