Addvalue Line Cellulose Derivatives on Obtaining Low Calorie Spreading from High Fat Raw Material

V. Jâşcanu, Neli Darie, Claudia Felicia Ognean, H.I. Sălcianu, Elena-Iuliana Dinică, M. Ognean
The caloric content reduction of a food is a topic of dilution of those components of aliments which have caloric value. Cellulose derivatives functions as an effective inert substitute and also has a binder water capacity. Walocel® products (cellulose derivatives) contribute no off-flavors or color and are calorie free. The aim of this paper was to test the possibilities of using Walocel products (cellulose derivatives) in margarines. Because of its properties we found that cellulose derivatives (WALOCEL products) act as: emulsifier and fat sustitute and water binder and nutritive value enhancer. The greatest amount of water was bounded when the water was added as Walocel solution. We calculate the caloric value of the outcomes in order to prove a high caloric content reduction in products which had Walocel® product added.
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