The Effect of Zinc Chloride Administration on some Trace Metals in Wistar Rats Liver

Mihaela Pup, Mirela Ahmadi-Vincu, Ariana-Bianca Velciov, Z. Gârban, D. Dronca
The aim of this study is to appreciate the effect of zinc over-dose on trace metals homeostasis in rat liver, considering Mn, Cu, Fe and Zn, after gavage intake of two different doses of RDIx2, and RDIx4 (RDI – Recommended Daily Intake) of zinc as zinc chloride solutions. The excess of zinc intake brings about an accumulation of this metal in liver comparing with control, from 24.1±1.5µg/g w.t. to 30.0±1.6µg/g w.t. in the first experimental group (RDIx2), and 43.7±1.8µg/g w.t. in the second experimental group (RDIx4). The study also revealed a strong disturbance of iron homeostasis.
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