Serum Cholesterol, Triglycerides and Glucose Concentration after Manganese Excess in Wistar Rats

Mirela Ahmadi-Vincu, Ariana-Bianca Velciov, Mihaela Pup, Z. Gârban
The study followed to appreciate serum cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose concentration after manganese excess. For the experiment we used Wistar adult rats and we administrated manganese as gavage. The administrated manganese was as manganese chloride solutions in two different doses of manganese: RDIx2 – for E1 group, and RDIx4 – for E2 group (RDI – Recommended Daily Intake) for a short period of time. Over-doses of manganese intake increased the serum glucose comparing to control group with 15.81mg/dL for E1, and 44.16mg/dL for E2, and serum choloesterol concentration with 0.80mg/dL for E1 and 5.60mg/dL for E2. The triglycerides concentration decreased in both experimental groups with 35.40mg/dL for E1 and 50.80mg/dL for E2 compared with the control group.
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