Nutritional Status of a Group of Adolescents from a Rural Area of Banat Region

Corina Auműller, Gabriela Gârban, Z. Gârban
In food science, the domain of biochemistry and human nutrition play an important role related to biomedical problems starting with infant period until senescence. The problems of under- and over-nutrition in adolescence and youth are important. Normally as a result of increases in growth rate and physical activity, adolescents have relatively high nutritional requirements. Some adolescents are vulnerable to excessive weight gain at this time. The prevalence of overweight and obesity is increasing, and obesity is now estimated to be the second leading cause of preventable death after cigarette smoking. For these reasons we initiated a study in a rural area of Banat region consisting in the determination of weight and height in a group of adolescents aged 10-15 years. The studied group included 145 boys and 191 girls. The obtained data revealed that more of the adolescents from the studied group are normal weighted.
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