Modification of Enzymatic Status Induced by Xenobiotic Action of cis-Platinum

Ariana – Bianca Velciov, Gabriela Gârban, P.R. Velciov, Mirela Ahmadi-Vincu, Mihaela Pup, Z. Gârban
The current study was undertaken to examine the effects of cis-platinum on various enzyme systems in the blood, liver and pancreas, and to relate these effects to different tissues problems. Cis-platinum is known as a most commonly used antineoplastic agent in the treatment of cancer. Data from literature show that cis-platinum administration affects the biochemical homeostasis of organism. We have observed the consequences of accumulation of cis-platinum in blood and also in several different tissues, and we evaluated the modifications which appeared after repeated doses simulating chemotherapeutic treatment in tumor-free rats. For this experiment, we used adults animals from Wistar rats strain divided in four experimental groups and one control group. Wistar rats from the experimental groups were injected intraperitoneally (i.p.) with the drug called Sin-Platinum (i.e. c-DDP), and the animals from control group were injected with saline solution (placebo). Doses have been administrated on days 3th and 8th of the experiment. On day 13th of the experiment the animals were killed. The results showed that the enzymes status is modified proportionally with administrated doses.
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