Antioxidant Capacity Evaluation in Relation with Polyphenolos and Ascorbic Acid Content for Some Natural Juices

Diana Moigrădean, Mariana-Atena Poiană, I. Gergen, Diana Dogaru
Twelve different commercial natural juices of fruits (six nectar and six clear juices) from Timisoara market were analyzed for some chemical characteristics (total acidity, soluble substance, total extract-determined on the basis of standardized method) and antioxidant activities (using FRAP method), total polyphenols amount (by Folin-Ciocalteu method) and ascorbic acid content (using 2,6-dichlorophenol indophenol method). The antioxidant capacity varied between 1.5-3 mM Fe2+/L for clear natural juices and between 4-6.5 mM Fe2+/L for fruit nectar. The polyphenols content it was situated between 0.8-1.1 mM acid gallic/L for clear natural juices and between 2-5 mM acid gallic/L for fruit nectar. The values obtained for ascorbic acid content was situated between 0.5-2.2 mM/L, different for clear juices and nectar.
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