Study concerning microbiological contamination of some cheese

Lăcrămioara Istrati, Gabriela Ciobanu, Maria Harja, L. Gavrilă, Roxana Ceaunaş
The milk and dairy products are essential products in human nourishment, not as much for the energy amount they generate as for some nourishing substances they provide. From epidemiologic point of view, numerous researchers point on the possibilities of pathogenic germs transfer to humans, especially by consuming meat and dairy products. The cheese microflora has a great importance, because it influences the quality of the products by the pathogenic or conditioned pathogenic bacteria species as well as by the substratum degradation and by producing of some toxic products that distort the product and increase hygienic risk. The paper presents a study concerning microbiological contamination of some cheese types sold on Bacau district markets.The study has been made on products obtained from pasteurized milk, and non-pasteurized milk, from economical agents and from particular manufacturers.
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