Statistical Analysis of pH, Ascorbic Acid and some Minerals of Different Tomato Assortments

Despina-Maria Bordean, I. Gergen, I. Gogoaşă, Diana Moigrădean
In this paper we determined and compared the following physic-chemical parameters: pH, acidity, ascorbic acid, and minerals such as Na, K, Ca, Mg, Fe, Cu, Zn and Mn, in samples belonging to different types of tomatoes, cultivated in summer – autumn period. Besides, statistical techniques of multivariate analysis were applied in order to differentiate the differences of summer-autumn tomatoes assortments. The mean values obtained in the different groups were compared by PCA and t-test, assuming that there were significant differences between mean values when statistical comparison gave p<0.05. By PCA analysis we observe that iron can be used as a parameter to identify differences between tomatoes assortments and by Tree Diagram potassium.
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