Researches Regarding the Antioxidant Effects for the Milk Xhantine Oxidase Concentration

P. Săvescu, L. Giurgiulescu
The cow milk can be protected against the oxidation and lactic fermentation started through different methods: thermal methods (boil or cooling), physical methods (the pressure variation, the physically state change), chemical methods (treatment with antioxidants, treatments with preserve material), and different methods for preserve. Follow the thermal treatments, more proteins, aminoacids, vitamins are destroit. For this reason the technological must search more and competitive recipes-that keep the nutritional potential. The best variants for these cases were always the natural treatments with antioxidants. In this work we present the changes of redox equilibrium from cow milk in the case of added some used antioxidants. We use the absorption spectra for registered the changes for Xhantine oxidase level of cow milk.
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