New Concept for the Obtention of Biopolymers-based Food Biofilms

Monica Mironescu, Vionela Mironescu
A new modern concept for a biopolymer-based biofilm formulation is presented. The biofilm contains (1) NaCl, (2) polyamphionic extracellular polysaccharide with thickening properties and antiviral action and (3) extracellular protein with antimicrobial properties. The two biopolymers are obtained at the fed-batch cultivation of the haloarchaeon Haloferax mediterranei, the optimal conditions for maximal polysaccharide formation being on substrate with glucose as limiting agent in the fed-batch phase. The biopolymers distribution, analysed using microscopy, is more uniform in the biofilms obtained by drying in air at room temperature (20°C) as at 60°C.
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