Chemical Monitoring for Natural Mineral Water Source Located in Sâncrăieni

Nicoleta Muntean, E. Muntean, T. Drugan, Mariana Sălăgean, Rita Ghiţulescu, Mioara Butan
Using standardized analytical techniques, the chemical parameters of natural mineral originating from FH1 source located in Sâncrăieni village, Harghita county, were characterized (conductivity, pH, total hardness, fixed residue, oxidability, borates, chloride, fluoride, nitrates, nitrites, ammonia, phosphates, sulphates, CO2, HCO3-, barium, calcium, iron, magnesium and sodium). The obtained results placed this source among the oligomineral carbonated mineral waters. The obtained results proved that the monitored parameters are below the maximum allowed values specified by HG 760/ 2001; the stability tests which were also carried out proved that the analyzed water is stable.
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